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5 hours ago

Final Fantasy XV PS4 Pro Version Doesn't Hit 60fps With the New Patch, Says Digital Foundry

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Final Fantasy XV just received patch 1.05, with the promise of offering up to 60fps on the R4i Gold 3DS 4 Pro. As with all major releases, Digital Foundry has put the game to test post-patch and, unfortunately, the results are a bit of a let down.

Well get straight to the point the outlet has noted that Final Fantasy XV doesnt hit 60fps and instead, runs between 30-50fps. Additionally, it puts the PS4 Pro version behind the standard versions. You can watch the analysis in the video above.

In case you prefer a write-up, heres a snippet from Digital Foundrys detailed analysis, the full version of which you can find via the source link.

At this point, both the Xbox One and standard PlayStation 4 now provide a smoother experience. PS4 still exhibits minor frame-pacing issues but the problem is less pronounced than the Pros flagship high mode. Sky3DS plus One uses an adaptive v-sync solution that produces completely smooth frame-pacing throughout, leading to a stable experience. Go here to get most recently released kernel for xbox.There is additional slowdown on Xbox One and a lower resolution overall, but at this point, Microsofts system still provides the most consistent frame-rate.

Unfortunately, as it stands, the R4i Gold pro Pro is no longer our recommended way to play Final Fantasy 15. If youre looking for the most consistent experience, Xbox One and the standard PlayStation 4 are your best bets for now. Patch 1.05 for PlayStation 4 Pro.

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is one update that we wish we could uninstall.

If any of our readers have already downloaded the patch for their PS4 Pro, let us know what you think.

[Source: Digital Foundry]

9 hours ago

Explore the Evolution of Fire Pok

Explore the actual Evolution associated with Fire Pokmon using a special edition shirt from UK brand, TeeChu.

Our pals in TeeChu have launched a new new, limited-edition, design that will celebrates who's undoubtedly the particular master of fire as well as flames: Charizard. Through the adorable starter lizard, Charmander, to the fiery winged beast, this classic Pokmon is actually a firm favourite using fans. Make reference to the speaks concerning R4i RTS Lite ,The significant Nintendo3DS research staff.Charizard has been featured in the prosperity involving anim, manga, games as well as taken a lead role inside Super Smash Bros.

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The video concept aims for you to capture your trainer's desperate battle to tame his unruly Charizard - obtaining outside assistance from, yes, Professor Nutsack for you to soothe Charizard's roaring flame.

The Evolution associated with Fire shirt can end up being acquired in TeeChu and also features a numbered document for all those individuals who adore collecting the tee as well as two.

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1 day ago

One Rough Year Later, Daigo Plans To Stick With Ryu in Street Fighter V

For 20 years, Daigo The Beast Umehara has been considered a Street Fighter legend. Defeating champions from around the world, Umehara emerged as one of the greatest fighting game players of all time, defending his top standing for most of Street Fighter IVs lifespan.


But since the early 2016 release of Street Fighter V, Umehara seemingly lost his edge. Unlike previous installments, Street Fighter V didnt receive an early arcade debut, placing the entire community on the same footing with a global console launch. Japan thrived when game centers were flooded with Street Fighter IV cabinets, and daily excursions to the arcade arent easily replaced with online play.

1 day ago

Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Pro Patch Incoming

During the developer Q&A session at the ongoing Final Fantasy Fan Festival 2017 in Frankfurt, game producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that the team were working on a patch for the PS4 Pro that would target improving the games performance on the system.

Now that support for the Sky3DS plus version is being discontinued, and the PC minimum specs are being raised, all players can expect an improvement to the games visuals and performance, but the Pro version will take a step further.

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than the standard Sky3DS one.

Pro users with 4K displays may be disappointed that the new patch wont make the most of their set-up, but given the often variable frame-rate of Final Fantasy XIV on PS4 this is good news for those with the more powerful system.

No date has yet been set for the patch, but we can expect more news soon.

3 days ago

Nintendo Switch Will Support Bluetooth Headsets; Gamecube VC and Special Joy-Cons Hinted At

The switch is actually the really first console to become able to function as each the handheld as well as home console, thus making it an excellent competitor against mobile gaming.

Some fairly intriguing news provides just just lately emerged about the Nintendo Switch. Addiitional information for R4 3DS .These kind of details come from an interview conducted by French outlet Melty whom had a chance to talk to Nintendos very own Yoshiaki Koizumi along with Shinya Takahashi.

For starters, it's got now been officially confirmed which you will probably be capable of use Bluetooth-enabled headsets with the Switch. This is fantastic news! Regarding course, youll even be capable of use traditional wired headsets/speakers through method of the headphone jack positioned about the top of the particular system (coughcoughApplecoughcough). It was in addition pointed out the headphone jack will most likely be useable even if the method is docked. Relating for the dock, it absolutely was additionally confirmed which it's the sole way to possess the Change output video; an individual cannot connect an adapter for the systems USB-C port along with put it to always be able to use like a display output.

For months it has been speculated that will Nintendo is likely to be introducing a Gamecube Virtual Console around the Switch, however the business features carefully dodged any queries relating in order to that. Within this interview, the actual executives failed to confirm as well as deny it, nevertheless they did hint in direction of it. Mr. Koizumi stated that Nintendo is actually operating in the main things together those lines. When questioned if special Joy-Cons could be developed for that system with regard to example, Gamecube Joy-Cons with analogue triggers Mr. Koizumi does confirm that will you'll find any way to develop something like that. Mr. Takahashi furthermore commented on the matter, stating that Joy-Cons together with analogue triggers may be quite cumbersome and also ugly, however its nonetheless achievable to generate them nonetheless.

Should always be very worthwhile to see what will come associated. To get even more additional info on the hotest crack products about Nintendo Console, try this .with this Gamecube-Switchuation!


Written through A.K Rahming

A.K Rahming

A.K The Particular Prince Rahming is really a younger writer thats been gaming via since he was a kid. The initial at any time video game he played had been Mario Kart 64 and the love for Nintendo is continuing for you to grow at any time since.

5 days ago

Someone got a Switch early, First Interface Footage


We nevertheless must study a lot concerning the Nintendo Switch, where there may be pretty good at keeping details secret coming from developers which currently have a dev kit. As stated by the major designer community concerning R4 3DS .The idea looks enjoy it wont be the identical case along with user hiphoptherobotat NeoGaf, because he is actually claiming to always be able to possess a unit two weeks earlier than expected while not becoming a part of the particular media.

He in addition shared a new screenshot with the console, which is showing a information just like menu. You may also appreciate it isnt a new development kit, as the JoyCons arent black:

Despite the actual proven fact that there will be certainly not a way to experience with most the unit in the moment, as absolutely no games are already introduced for the. To get more news relating to the present jailbreak tech concerning Nintendo Console; look here .console yet.

You can easily see the footage in the console below:

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Written through Eric Weichhart

Eric Weichhart

After about a decade playing upon Sony consoles, I made a decision to move towards the Nintendo side.

I can enjoy the majority of forms of games whenever they do certainly not have heavy on-line elements, and also I usually have a desire pertaining to platformers, puzzle along with strategy games.

I also play casually in my PC, yet I choose to experience inside consoles.

2 months ago

Review Of The Year 2016 - November

November rolled around, and it absolutely was moment with regard to Sonys third hardware release inside as numerous months, as the PlayStation 4 Pro launched in November 10th. while its excellent worth for what it could do, its hardware for your future,as many in the games which are already up-to-date along with Pro support fall short to consider complete good factor about what it can easily do. you can easily read our report on the device here, as well as our examine how to pick a great TV for your 4K HDR gaming needs.

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